Project Decisions: The Art and Science

Book Reviews

If you are looking to gain a better understanding of project decision making, this book is a perfect start. 

Garry E. Bourns, Nexaira Inc.

I believe it's good for developers and managers in any industry to lift their heads from the day to day trench digging and look around to see if others know a better way. In this book, the authors not only share their expertise in decision analysis, but also their wonderful sense of humor, many compelling stories, and their knowledge of the cinema! I'm a believer in the power of project retrospectives--if we truly had the kind of data the authors recommend, we would certainly have a better understanding of what works well and what should be done differently in projects. This book will help you and your teams. Buy it; read it; apply it.

Linda Rising, co-author with Mary Lynn Manns of 

Fearless Change: Patterns For Introducing New Ideas

Today's competitive business environment requires an understanding of the mental models of internal and external stakeholders facing social, cultural, and technological challenges in developing and marketing new products and tools. An additional challenge is that all decisions and communications should take place in situation of increased information availability. "Project Decisions, the Art and Science" takes readers through 
rigorous models and concepts developed in the field of decision analysis and operations research. The book provides a nice balance of complex theory and real life applications spiced with entertaining and informative references to pop culture and our everyday experiences.

Igor Linkov, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center

"Project Decisions" is a must read for project managers trying to improve the decision making ability. Coming from both decision analysis theory and psychology, it offers some unique insights and practical recipes for more successful projects in a fun, easy to read style.

Jason McVean, Risk Technology Coordinator, Schlumberger Ltd.

This book is awesome and provides great insight into the world of project decisions making. It educates not only on the science of decision and risk analysis but also on the underlying human psychology. The book is a treat to read with pertinent examples. I loved the analogues and found them very suitable to the topic under discussion. This is a trend-setting book that heralds the way for advancement in project and risk management methods and techniques with the introduction of Event Chain Project Management.

Robyn Antill, PMP, Project Manager