About Authors

Lev Virine, Ph.D., P.Eng. has more than 30 years of experience as a structural engineer, software developer, and project manager. In the past 10 years he has been involved in a number of major projects performed by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to establish effective decision analysis and risk management processes as well as to conduct risk analyses of complex projects. Lev’s current research interests include the application of decision analysis and risk management to project management. He writes and speaks to conferences around the world on project decision analysis, including the psychology of judgment and decision-making, modeling of business processes, and risk management. You may reach Lev Virine at lvirine@projectdecisions.org

Michael Trumper has over 25 years of experience in technical communications, instructional and software design, and training project risk analysis and economics software and theory. Michael has authored papers on quantitative methods in project estimations and risk analysis. He is a co-author of three books on project risk analysis and management and decision analysis. You may reach Michael Trumper at mtrumper@projectdecisions.org

Lev Virine and Michael Trumper are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



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